Can I cancel my order?

Once placed, you can cancel your order within two hours, otherwise please see my Return Policy in the Footer Menu.

Are there any promotions and discounts available?

Please sign up for my occasional newsletters and any promotions will be sent to your inbox.

Do you offer gift wrapping?
Each product comes with a label (cushion covers, table runners and tote bags) or a belly wrap (tea towels and wall hangings).  I do not wrap my designs in plastic and believe in minimum packaging, and I reuse packaging wherever possible.

Online orders are wrapped in 100% recycled, unbleached tissue paper that is Blue Angel certified, tied up with string and posted in a 100% recycled paper fibre lined Jiffy Bag padded envelope.

The prints are packaged in an environmentally friendly, compostable, clear protective sleeve and are shipped in a hard-back paper envelope. 

What are your delivery charges?
Please check out the Shipping Rates in the Shop or at the base of the webpage.

Where are your products produced?
They are all designed, printed and made in Ireland.