Bloom 2019

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Anne Harrington Rees Designs' stand in the Irish Craft Village at Bloom 2019
Thanks to everyone who called to my stand in the Irish Craft Village at Bloom 2019.  I enjoyed every minute of it and am just about getting my voice back after all the chatting.  Having a stand meant that I could arrive early before the gates opened to visitors and I made full advantage of that time to stroll through the show gardens and exhibits with just birds and bees for company.  And, of course, I put my eye on some gorgeous plants to take home.  Not too many this time, but I did fall for a perennial Foxglove and finally got round to buying some Ragged Robin for the bog garden.  All are now planted and I look forward to enjoying them for years to come as reminders of my first time to have a stand at Bloom.

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