Green Sketching Workshops

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* Stressed or Anxious?

Flower bud doodles

* Wish you could find a simple tool to help you relax?

* Like to find a way to be kinder to yourself, to others and to nature?

* Like to learn an effective way to improve your well-being and mental health?

* Lost touch with your creativity?

* Wish you didn't spend so much time on social media?


Flower doodle

If you've answered "Yes" to any of the above, why not book onto one of my Green Sketching events and see how the simple act of doodling can help you relax and lift your spirits? See here for information and booking for my next Green Sketching Workshop.

Green Sketching is not learning to draw. It is learning to see joy in the world around you, and how to capture that joy through doodling in your own way. Click here to find out more.


Your Green Sketching Trainer

Anne with Flynn

Originally from Co Kilkenny, I'm now based in West Cork. My qualifications in Horticulture and Craft Design, years of artistic practice in schools and healthcare settings, and passion for the natural world ensures that your Green Sketching event will be a unique experience.

My hope is that doodling in nature will help workshop participants improve their well-being, see the beauty in the world around us and join me in looking after nature, as, after all Nature is Home 💚.

(If you’re not based in Ireland, have a look here for other Green Sketching Ambassadors around the world.)