What is Green Sketching?


Green Sketching workshop at Myross Wood House

Ali Foxon started the Green Sketching movement and wrote the Green Sketching Handbook as a beginner’s guide to sketching nature for our well-being; how to doodle, not as an artistic practice, but as a tool to see and enjoy the beauty in the natural environment, helping us to relax, unwind and reconnect with nature. In slowing down and learning to appreciate and love nature, we will instinctively want to protect the natural world around us.


Green Sketching:

  • Combines the benefits of creativity, mindfulness, fresh air and nature connection. 
  • Helps us find joy in observing and connecting with nature through doodling. 
  • The process of drawing is what’s important, not the quality of the finished piece.
  • Is affordable and accessible.


Three key principles:

  1. Focus on observation, not the artwork
  2. Focus on enjoying nature, not learning from it.
  3. Focus on sketching in your own way, for your own well-being.


Proven benefits of spending time in nature


Lifts spirits


Improves memory

Enhances well-being

Reduces stress and anxiety


Strengthens immune system

Improves concentration

Helps strengthen our connection to a place


Interested? Join me on one of my Green Sketching events - suitable for individuals, groups, festivals, schools, eco tourism, corporate workshops, dog walkers, hen parties. Contact me here and let’s chat to see what Green Sketching event would work best for you or your group.


Put down your phone. Pick up a pencil. Let’s improve our well-being and reconnect with nature one sketch at a time. 💚