Customer Feedback

Fuchsia Tea Towel with Don O'Neill and FleurDePascal

"Just received a gift of this gorgeous Fuchsia printed tea towel today from a dear friend in Kinsale! We love it!! Your work is awe-inspiring."

Don O'Neill and Pascal Guillermie, New York




Bluebell wall hanging
"Bit of an awkward angle but just wanted to show you my Bluebells wall hanging that I takes pride of place in my entrance hall."
Joanne, Ireland





Fuchsia tea towel hanging from a line

"Mum loved the Fuchsia tea towel. She was especially delighted that manufacture included putting a hanging loop on it. Your cushions are strikingly original and don't just sit there like most cushions do.  They delight and stimulate."

Mark, Co. Meath



Mistletoe table runner on white tablecloth."Good morning, it's true what they say about beautiful things bringing joy, esp on a dreary Nov morning, I couldn't wait til Dec to try it out. PS I'm sharing the photo on my Facebook page."
Claire, Co Cork



"Last week I received the beautiful West Cork Fuchsia wall hanging in the post. I don't know why it has taken me so long to order this as I've imagined it on a long wall in my living room for such a long time. It's even better in real life than I had hoped. I couched it as a present for my husband for Valentines .... but I think he saw straight through me!! Beautiful gift - thank you!"

Eleanor, Cork


"Your lovely tea towel is too gorgeous for dishes and is now proudly displayed on our wall."

Kathy, Suffolk, England


"Thank you for the towel. It is really lovely. Too good to use. Will keep it for special occasions."

Anne, Australia


"Far more comfortable than the one I was originally wearing that day, which was far too small and constricting my face. Not to mention causing my glasses to fog up with every exhale. Delighted by the mask I got from your stall, Anne!

Greg, Cork