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So many people comment on how my Nature-inspired designs cheer them up, as they try to deal with the challenges that currently face us all.  People who haven't been able to make it here during 2020 have been gifted Fuchsia tea towels, which are a reminder of the laneways in this part of Ireland.  It's lovely to think that this design, inspired by the Fuchsia growing in our garden, has found its way into homes around the world and is helping to lift the spirits of all who receive it.

It'll be a few months until the Fuchsia is flowering again and vibrating with the sound of buzzing bees.  In the meantime, I try to find inspiration in Nature every time I venture outdoors with the dogs.  We've had some glorious cold, sunny days here recently and I've been wandering around with my camera, photographing frost encrusted plants, including dead Bracken (Pteridium aquilinumfronds.  I may or may not work these into a design at a later date, but at least I have a record of the beauty that was there at that moment in time.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you can escape into Nature and find the little things that lift your spirits.  Stay safe, and remember 'Nature is Home'.


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