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You may have spotted my short YouTube video on my 'About Me' page.  In late 2020, I decided to apply for the Local Enterprise Office Trading Online Voucher for funding to help improve my website rankings on search engines.  I'm not one for appearing in front of a camera, but I'd been thinking about how I might best tell the story behind my design work, and advice was that a short video was the way to go.  I spoke with a few friends and they suggested that I speak with Seán Phair of Ambiguous Fiddle.  We came up with a plan and Seán spent the day with me, filming me at work, in the garden and out walking with the dogs.  Seán then distilled the hours of filming into this video telling the story of how Nature helped me to get back on my feet after I'd been sick for quite a while back in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Having tried lots of different artwork over the years, I think I've now found what I'm most comfortable doing.  Nature is my reason for being, it's my whole life.  My designs are my way of expressing that to people.  Every day I take the dogs out for a walk.  You never know what you're going to see from day-to-day, so through my designs I'd love people to come with me on those walks and experience some of the magic that I see every day.

I've found through spending time in Nature, it's helped me get back on my feet.  Nature is Home and I hope people will come to realise that it needs looking after as much as we do.

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